Wine Export Services

export3Since 2003, Portavin has been committed to ongoing development and expansion of export market opportunities with an increasing focus on expansion of the Asian market.  We have a wealth of experience in wine export from container packing right through to logistics, specific export analysis & documentation.

We currently export numerous containers of wine each month for our customers to the United Kingdom, Europe, the USA and South East Asia.

Export to China

We are particularly focused on wine export to China and from a zero base in 2006, Portavin currently plays an integral part in helping our clients bottle and export in excess of 50 containers of Australian wine to Mainland China every month.

The Portavin team have developed strong links with key government and business networks to ensure we are able to extend the opportunity for our customer base to enhance their success in this exciting and continually expanding market.

We recognise that doing business with Asia requires a great deal of bureaucratic know-how, personal communication and an in depth understanding of the culture. Reflective of our commitment to ensuring ongoing success with this market, Portavin has employed two key China/Asia business specialists within our Client Services team who have well developed language and interpersonal skills and experience plus knowledge of the Australian wine industry.

We provide our clients with on-site, dedicated resources and services for communication and business development into Asia.

Portavin's wine export specialists

Tony Royal - General Manager

Tony Royal is a qualified Oenologist (1982) and prior to joining Portavin SA, Tony worked as Chief Executive Officer of Oeneo Australasia Pty Ltd for 8 years (previously Seguin Moreau Australia).

After graduating from Roseworthy College in 1982, Tony had an extensive career working in key winemaking roles within Southcorp and Mildara Blass for 14 years prior to joining Seguin Moreau Australia.

Tony is now the General Manager of Portavin. Tony is also a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Maggie Xu - Marketing Specialist (China)

In the role of Marketing Specialist for China, Maggie is responsible for market development, liaison, coordination and translation services for Chinese clients as part of Portavin SA’s wine bottling production and export operation at Portavin.

Maggie works closely with the Portavin Management team to co-ordinate the development of key strategies and campaigns to grow and expand the Chinese export market.

Her key priorities are maintenance of good customer relations with key Chinese export clients and working to fully develop the potential of these key accounts. Maggie is very busy on a daily basis facilitating meetings, conducting site tours, coordinating visits  along with providing translation services for business negotiations with Portavin Chinese export clients.


As Sales Manager, South Korea and emerging Asian markets, Olivia works closely with the management team to provide market development, liaison, coordination and translation services for Asian clients.

Olivia is fluent in Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese and English and has a thorough commercial understanding of the Australian wine industry together with relevant work experience in Korea, Australia and China.

As dux of her University in Guangzhou, Olivia is an outstanding addition to our team to support our endeavors. Her skills and experience are paramount to the success of the development and expansion of Australian wine to the Asia market.

Want more information?

If you are interested in learning more about Australia’s fastest growing market for wine, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to assisting you expand your markets and wine sales.