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If you are looking to distribute more wine through high-turnover bars, clubs, restaurants and event venues, read on the find out more about this new and innovative way to provide wine by the glass.

Why Wine On Tap?

Cover TorrFreshness

  • No more oxidized wine by the glass, no cork taint from a faulty cork, no waste.
  • There is no air or gas contact with wine.
  • Less actions needed on filling to preserve quality.
  • Easy sanitization.
  • Maximised efficiency on fill and dispensing.

Eco Friendly

  • By eliminating glass, half of the weight of the case is eliminated. The carbon footprint is reduced.
  • Uses half the energy for delivery (half the weight).
  • No empty keg returns.
  • Little landfill on package.
  • Recyclable shipping container.
  • No glass manufacturing.

Cost Saving

  • With the high cost of packaging, shipping, and storage; plus the labour to order, store and serve 750ml bottles of wine at the restaurant: a lot of the final price of the wine is logistics.
  • The TORR Keg is refilled with a wine pouch on-site which eliminates keg return and cleaning costs.
  • Filling and dispensing savings outweigh both traditional bottle and keg filling.
  • Maintenance for both wineries and restaurants is lower.


  • Empty pouch is removed and replaced rather than returning kegs for cleaning and filling.
  • Maximized efficiency on fill and dispensing.
  • No nitrogen, argon, or CO2 needed.
  • Wine stays fresh for months after tapped.
  • Minimal storage space required, virtually no waste.

Key Advantages:

Key Advantages Table

Key Elements

TORR Keg system elements:

TORR Keg System

  • Stainless Steel keg with patented pressure separation diaphragm. Diaphragm is pressurised to squeeze wine out of the pouch and up to the dispense tap.
  • Separate low pressure air compressor creates consistent supply of air for up to 4 kegs.
  • TORR Wine Pouch.
  • Connectors, wine lines, and wine taps to allow simple installations.
  • National distributor (Portavin) offers installation and support.
  • Approved contract fillers (Portavin).
  • Easier to handle than conventional wine kegs.
  • 18 litres is packed and shipped in a single 2-up corrugated case.

TORR wine pouch:


  • FDA approved, high oxygen-barrier pouch with two-ply construction.
  • 9 to 12 month product shelf life.
  • Screw connection for easy hook-up to the dispense tap.
  • Refill pack is small and light weight.
  • Refill at restaurant
  • No air or gas contacts wine
  • No keg returns

How it works

The Keg System & Bladders

  • The system is a stainless steel keg with a patented inner rubber bladder. The bladder is inflated to squeeze the wine out of the pouch and up to the dispense faucet. This means NO air or gas contacts the wine.
  • A separate air compressor creates a consistent supply of low pressure air for up to 4 kegs.
  • A TORR Flexcase® 9-litre high barrier refill pouch in effective shipping case.
  • A 2-up outer shipper creates an 18-litre case configuration to minimize case handling costs.
  • Wine line kits and faucets allow simple installation.

TORR system whiteboard diagram

The Tap System

torr tapsA 2-keg, self-contained, temperature-controlled, dispense cabinet that has everything you need – just plug in and pour. Eliminates costly custom installations in bars:

  • No gas cylinders and lines.
  • Unit is delivered complete with 3 kegs (including one spare), line connectors, and pressure air compressor as one unit.
  • Take the module out of the ship case and plug it into single phase power, place the Flexcase® wine pouch into the keg, lock the keg into the dispenser and you are ready to pour.

Narrow design fits in most bars:

  • Half the width of most “kegerator” type units.
  • Only 363mm wide, 712mm deep.
  • 50% more kegs in 1526mm width. 12 taps compared to 8 taps on competitors unit.

Available as:

  • Under Bar: 955mm high under bar with no taps. Just plug in wine lines.
  • Mobile Unit: 1191mm high to serving platform on mobile unit with 2 integrated taps.

Eliminates O2 entry into wine lines:

  • Low bacteria inert polyethylene wine lines from kegs to taps.
  • They are aluminium foil-wrapped to prevent O2 from affecting the wine.
  • Lines in dispenser are short. Maximum 762mm.

Eliminates complicated change out of heavy standard kegs:

  • Plug and Pour technology with the TORR keg.
  • TORR kegs are 50% of Sankey keg weight. 15.8 kg versus 31.75 kgs.
  • Mobile unit is available with an optional power pack.

Branding Your Wine

  • torr-portavin tapsBRANDED TAPS – You can easily brand the wine taps in venues with you winery logo and marketing messages.
  • AROUND-THE-GLASS COASTER – We have also designed an innovative coaster that wraps around the stem of wine glasses. See below for a sample, these can be adapted to fit your logo, wine variety and any other information you would like to share with the consumer.

Torr Coaster 1

Torr Coaster 2









More Information:

18491655_mlFor a demonstration or more information on Wine By The Glass, please contact:

Portavin Victoria
114-118 Talinga Road Cheltenham, VIC 3192
P: (03) 9584 7344

Portavin  WA
Lionel’s Vineyard, Payne Road Jindong, WA 6280
P: (08) 9755 0500

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