Filtration Products

filter - 1Portavin is the sole distributor of Pall Filtration products to the food and beverage industry in Western Australia.

Pall are recognised as the global leader in the supply of high-quality food safe filtration systems for liquids and gasses, providing solutions for all inputs into production processes whether it be beer, wine, water or any food or beverage.

As a prevalent user of Pall products for over 26 years, Portavin can now share their experience and knowledge and better support its client’s filtration needs by offering an on-site evaluation service and supply of quality parts and complete systems.

Using quality filtration throughout the wine making process will also enhance overall wine quality, resulting in a smoother transition into bottling. You can also save on costs by leveraging Portavin’s volume-buying advantage.

Portavin aims to assist those who are not getting the longevity out their existing systems or are wanting to improve the purity of their products. From replacement cartridges through to complete filtration systems and cross-flow technology, Portavin can advise on and supply a proven quality product to suit individual needs.

We look forward to assisting you! For more information and pricing, please contact Portavin Margaret River on P: (08) 9755 0500.


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