Talking Chinese

20151202_133851Last week, our talkative Chairman, Mike Davies and Portavin SA’s Managing Director, Tony Royal visited the Ninxia wine district to present to 130 interested winery managers, wine makers & production personnel about ensuring their wine was properly prepared for bottling. He was joined by three Italian presenters who spoke about filling, corking (yep, they still don’t like screwcaps) and wine oxidation.

The seminar was held in the regional wine centre which is extensively used for wine appreciation and sensory evaluation. Unexpectedly Mike didn’t have the biggest mouth on the Day!

Mike and Tony also visited Yinchuan in the north of China to visit local winemakers. He said, “While we weren’t looking at some pretty interesting Cabernet wines we were tucking into some pretty good local fare. The highlight was a specially roasted whole lamb that had the crunchiest skin and the tenderest meat I have ever had with a hint of Chilli & Cumin I think. We stayed opposite the museum of cultural art which unfortunately we didn’t get to visit properly. Maybe next time!”

While in the Ninxia region of Northern China, Mike and Tony also had a day visiting a number of wineries & vineyards in the region. “It is so cold (about -8ºC) in this region that they literally bury the vines for winter.  In the newer vineyards they are getting the row spacing right for this task to be done mechanically but it is still a manual task in the older ones which is a bit of a problem with the shortage of young workers coming through the ranks. And we thought pruning was hard yakka!” said Mike


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