Strengthening relationships with China

Portavin SA’s Managing Director Tony Royal was recently invited to help judge China’s best wine in the “2015 China Fine Wine Challenge” which was held in Beijing Xinqiao on Nov 28th.

Tony reports that there were a record number of entries this year with more than 170 wines entered from China’s main wine regions including Jiaodong Peninsula, Changli, Hexi Corridor, the eastern foot of Helan Mountain, Beijing, Shacheng, Xinjiang and the southwest regions and he was impressed with how much their wine quality has improved over the past 10 years.

Tony said, “Our aim is to continue to strengthen the relationships we have with the Chinese wine industry and we look forward to embarking on a wine judge exchange program over the next 12 months where we invite Chinese judges to Australian wine shows and in-turn see more Australian winemakers judging Chinese wines in China. With China operating on the same time zones as Australia we are a natural fit to work together well in to the future”.

Image Gallery from the 2015 China Fine Wine Challenge.

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