Staff Profile – Matt Aldridge

Matt Aldridge Supporting Movember
Matt Aldridge Supporting Movember

Here we sit down with Portavin Victoria’s Matt Aldridge to gain a better insight into what makes him leap out of bed each day. As a qualified wine maker Matt has held the role of Wine Technical Services and Warehouse manager at Portavin’s Cheltenham bottling facility since 2008. He is an integral part of our team and a fabulous colleague and friend to many.

Here is a little bit more of his story…

1. What got you into the wine industry?

My folks – Roger and Jo Aldridge planted vines at Malmsbury in the mid 70’s, Tom Lazar at Virgin Hills and Laurie Williams were early influences. Philip Shaw at Rosemount was my first real winemaking mentor.

2. What song is the soundtrack to your life?

Forget songs – I like the whole 70’s album concept. Favourites were Bowie, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, and there is such great music before and after that period, from Blues, through punk and current bands. For a single song soundtrack to my life? Let’s go with Bowie – Changes, I guess that is appropriate and contemplative.

3. Your favourite TV show is …

Seinfeld is the definition of TV veg out, Kramer cracks me up. David Attenborough only gets better. I do like Insiders for a weekly news update with Sunday breakfast.

4. What work lesson – or life lesson – have you learnt the hard way?

Work hard, Play hard. The hard part is recognising when to slow down as you get older.

5. How did you get involved with Portavin?

Early days studying at Roseworthy College with Mike and Ian were pre Portavin. Later I was a client when winemaking at Eyton on Yarra with Gav or Ian on the mobile lines. A few years later and I was coming into Portavin Cheltenham as a consultant winemaker for various clients from the Yarra Valley. In 2008 my focus moved to the city and my family changed houses, work and schools all within 3 months. That is when I started working with Portavin.

6. What projects outside of your day job are you working on?

None really – but let’s say restoring life balance. I appreciate yoga on Saturday morning to recharge and I would like to get back to mountain biking – I miss the hills and fresh air.

7. Can you play any instruments, if so what?

None, unfortunately. I love music but it does not come out of me – well blues harp (badly) and piano duet once (Cowboy Joe from Mexico).

8. You are, in one word…

Consul (look up 16 personalities web page for definition.)

matt-aldridge29. If you could have one superpower, which would you choose?


10. Describe the fun you have outside of work.

Being 15 again – riding bikes (road, mountain, anything with 2 wheels and pedals), trying to relearn skateboarding (not going so well-see point 9), the beach, pottering about in the shed, family, friends, food and good drinking.

11. What’s your desert island drink?

Pina Colada and a walk in the rain, ha ha…otherwise a lifetime supply of Hunter/Margaret River Semillon would work, the most under-rated wine styles that only gets better with age.

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