SDI Testing – Making Water Filtration Easy and Efficient

SDI TestingSince taking on the Pall Filtration agency in WA in August 2015 the Business Development team has found many interesting analytical tools at their disposal.

One of these being Silt Density Index (SDI) testing for water.

SDI testing is a measurement of water filter-ability. It is an internationally accepted method for the direct assessment of the fouling potential of feed water and measures the rate at which suspended solids and colloidal (soluble in the liquid) fouling affects filtration.

Once your final water quality parameters have been established SDI testing is used to assist in the selection and design of an economical water pre-treatment sequence, then to monitor ongoing operational efficiency.

Suspended solids and colloidal matter coupled with varying feed water sources are some of the biggest problems in all water systems. Even though most systems have some form of filtration it may not be delivering the desired quality or efficiency.

The SDI test measures time required to filter a fixed volume of water through a standard micron filter at constant pressure. The test is repeated numerous times and the difference between initial and subsequent times is used to calculate SDI value.

Physical application of SDI testing has helped solve many issues around supply water, whether you require water for wine production, brewing, food processing or cleaning purposes.

If you wish to gain more information on the SDI testing or have an issue with your water, please contact Chris Greenland via email or office 08 9755 0500 or mobile 0427 065 409.

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