Portavin steps out in the Sydney City to Surf

Here is an amusing account of the day by Portavin’s Chairman, Mike Davies.

citytosurf2015The Portavin SA team made its’ annual pilgrimage to the Sydney City to Surf event last weekend and this year, in a departure from their previous fiercely competitive approach, détente was the order of the day and it was AGREED that the team would not run but walk TOGETHER for the entire course.

So – the starters gun went and they were off and walking – Loretta & Pete set a cracking pace considering there was a 14 km course ahead of us. The team stuck together as it weaved through the 80,000 strong Fun-Running crowd.

At the 3 km mark, Karen Ross (she can still talk a lot while exercising), sought confirmation from the team that we would stick together for the entire course. It was agreed. Pete Cole told us his word was his bond and William “The Bunny” Bambacus announced that he was trustworthy – sometimes!

This simple statement had the same effect as the shooting of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo in 1914 and the evil axis of Ross, Cole & Bambacus started to hatch their battle plans.

Cole had a fake toilet stop for a Lance Armstrong moment, Bambacus went into a Zen like state and Ross kept on talking. The stage was set for a breakout.

With 6 km to go it happened…. Without so much as a “see you losers later”, Bambacus launched himself into the human sea in front of him bouncing and darting around like a rabbit with Pistorius style legs. In a moment he was gone.

Ross and Cole were also poised and wasted no time in also breaking their per ambulatory vows. Ross expertly went around the outside and Cole smashed through like a giraffe on Ecstasy.

The Writer and Loretta were left feeling as though they were going backwards.

Sometime later, Lo – And Behold, we were looking down the sweeping final kilometres to Bondi and the finish.
Loretta and The Writer came 45,129 th and 45,130 th respectively. The trinity of evil were all dis-qualified.

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