Portavin Management Restructure

Gerlinde Watson - CFO
Gerlinde Watson – CFO

For some time the owners and senior management team of the Portavin group of companies have been working towards a merger of the regional businesses into one entity.  While this amalgamation will bring minimal change to Portavin’s service levels and operations at a regional level, it will enable the business to modernise and improve overall efficiencies.

In line with this objective, we have announced the following;
  • As of 29th March 2011, Gerlinde Watson has assumed the position of Portavin Group CFO moving into the position of CFO of the amalgamated business as it occurs.
  • As of 29th March 2011 Eddie Price has assumed the position of acting General Manager of Portavin WA until Anthony Davis moves into the role permanently later in 2011.
We welcome Eddie to the team, wish Gerlinde and Anthony the best in their new positions and look forward to ensuring our business is best positioned to continue to serve the Australian Wine industry
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