Peter Walker celebrates 20 years with Portavin

Peter Walker
Peter Walker celebrates 20 great years with Portavin

We would like to congratulate Peter Walker on 20 years with Portavin!

Peter first joined Portavin when it was a fledgling mobile bottling business in Margaret River. Mike Davies (Portavin Founder) said that Peter’s competency in running the machinery along with his commitment to our clients and being an all-round great bloke quickly made him an integral part of the team and an obvious business partner for me – the rest as they say, is history!

As Portavin grew Peter managed the business Operations and helped Mike develop two new static bottling sites in Western Australia, (Margaret River and Perth). His commitment to Portavin clients saw him take on the business development role and involvement in setting up and growing static bottling lines VIC, SA and NSW.

When asking Peter about his 20 years he comments:

“I cannot believe it has been 20 years since (a much younger) Mike and I were jumping on and off mobile bottling lines while carting them throughout the wine regions of WA and even across the Nullarbor to service east coast clients. Those days were exciting and hard yakka but most importantly rewarding as we serviced an industry that we were passionate about with their wine packaging needs. It was also a whole lot of fun, Mike and I genuinely loved the whole process including the long drives and sleepless nights parked on the side of many remote Australian roads.

I believe that the success and growth of Portavin is a true reflection of the fantastic team of talented people we have managed to employ over the past 20 years. It has been a great honour for me be involved and help create a team that are more like family than fellow workers. How time has flown and may the success and good times continue!”

Peter has been involved as a shareholder and a Board member since 2001 and looks forward to working with the fabulous Portavin team and continuing to help the Australian wine industry grow and prosper into the future.

Thank you Peter for your unwavering diligence and dedication to making Portavin the company it is today – you are a true champion of Portavin and the industry at large!

For more information about Peter and the Portavin board visit Poratvin Board webpage or contact us anytime.


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