Finally, Wine Label – Bottle Compatibility Made Easy!

size-me-up-logoA great new initiative has been released at the recent WPA (Wine Packers of Australia) forum.

It was the second WPA labelling forum where a wide array packaging companies and industry specialists from Glassmakers through to Label Designers gather to discuss all matters labelling. was introduced to the group as a fantastic tool to assist everyone who is involved with labelling of wine bottles.

By simply entering your label specifications and bottle type ensures that the size of the label you intend to use is compatible with the size and shape of your chosen bottle.

It’s FREE, simple to use and very accurate


This will eliminate the risk of wasting time and money along with the stress and inconvenience of printing incompatible labels.

While some may say that this tool will limit our designers’ creativity, “” is without any doubt going to flag potential issues and start a discussion about challenges which normally would have occurred much later in the process.

The website also has other great resources such as the WPA guidelines for labelling that we recommend to all of our customers.

It’s free and accurate and will be a very handy service so be sure to check it out!


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