New Sparkling Wine Filler for Portavin NSW

new_rose_viewcoatWe are pleased to announce that  new new sparkling filler has been installed at our bottling facility in Sydney, NSW.

The new filler replaces the existing equipment is a state-of-the-art counter pressure system manufactured by MBF (Italy). MBF have been a long standing, reliable and trusted supplier of bottling equipment to Portavin for the past 15 years.

Counter pressure fillers from MBF have progressed remarkably over the past few years and our new filler will take advantage of all of this latest technology. It will be gentle enough to fill lightweight bottles with products such as Moscato carbonated to 2 gas volumes through to heavy weight high pressure elite bottles filled with the finest sparkling at around 5-6 gas volumes.

Another of the remarkable features of the new Portavin filler will be its ability to bottle sparkling wines at the elevated temperature of 12o degrees celcius, allowing significant cost and environmental savings. These savings are provided on two fronts, one as a result of not requiring excessive chilling costs by maintaining and presenting wines for bottling at the lower temperatures as required by current systems; and the second saving is that it reduces the need to heat bottles to assist with label adhesion when labeling at time of bottling. Resulting in no need for double handling by storing as cleanskins and labelling at a later date.

This filler also boasts an auto cleaning function which kicks into gear should a bottle break during the filling process.

Portavin is proud to introduce this service and looks forward to assisting producers to bring carbonated and sparkling wines to market.

For more information on our sparkling wine filling capabilities, please contact us.

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