Airline Tender Win For The Australian Wine Industry

925116-18addae6-8c98-11e3-8dff-f6af7c30323dPortavin’s relevance to the global airline industry received a significant boost this month as we successfully won a tender to supply United Airlines in the USA with an Australian Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine shall be served in 187mL PET inflight on all domestic US routes during 2017 with first orders to be expected in the vicinity of 1,500,000 bottles.

The wine is from Andrew Peace Wines (APW) under its brand Murphy’s Block. The win follows the success 2 years ago when Portavin teamed up also with APW to offer a chardonnay to British Airways (BA). The submission was originally for economy class inflight service however the final price could not be achieved for the volume. BA were so impressed with the wine that they chose it instead for Club Class service on routes throughout Europe. Again the brand was Murphy’s Block and the supply was in 187mL PET. The volume is relatively small at 400,000 bottles over two years, however BA is currently examining the possibility to extend the deal for an extra year.

Portavin work closely with a highly respected broker in the US which specialises in the supply of all things food and beverage to the global Airline and Cruise line industries.

Portavin Victoria’s managing director and airline wine specialist, Ian Matthews said that it takes a long time to get to know and be trusted by the airline industry outside Australia. By taking patient but carefully laid steps we see a positive future for showcasing Australia and the Australian Wine Industry.

Opportunities abound closer to home as well.

“The rise of China and its airline industry seeking an international image finds wine at the heart of that image. However China is not known as a country with a strong wine culture. So choosing quality Australian wine to serve inflight on international routes is an easy and safe decision to promote a modern and savvy international image since Australian wine enjoys that reputation,” Ian said.

A fun fact in closing: If the labels required to complete the UA job were printed in one go, the delivery would weigh 1.3 tonnes!

Please come and help us celebrate at Stand 925 at the 2016 Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference and Trade Exhibition!

If you are interested in learning more about Airline Wine packaging and distribution, please do not hesitate to contact Ian Matthews on (03) 9584 7344 or via email.


Portavin Airline Wine
Portavin’s Ian Matthews & Peter Walker inspecting PET 187ml Airline bottles.
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