5 Tips To Help Get Your Wine From Vintage To Shelf

historyWith vintage winding down across Australia, we thought it timely to offer some useful tips to help you get your wine to market quickly and easily.

  1. Review your brand and packaging: Engage in a brand review session with your marketing team and key stake holders to ensure your branding and packaging is congruent with your brand values and is appealing to your potential consumers. It can help to get an outsiders opinion eg: speak with friends, colleagues and other people that are not so close to your brand. Anything from slight refreshment of artwork through to strategic re-positioning of your brand can increase sales. Do this when you have plenty of time so as not to rush decisions or put pressure on supply to market.
  2. Sometimes simple changes make significant business sense: Changes in packaging can reduce costs and contribute to higher margins. Glass is a good example, it is a major contributor to packaging costs and by switching to a different bottle you may actually reduce costs, and with minimal changes to appearance.
  3. Order printed drygoods well in advance of your planned bottling date: Printed screwcaps generally have the longest lead time however labels and cartons can take just as long. Ideally allow at least 8 weeks from sign-off of artwork. If you are waiting on confirmation of some detail (i.e Alc level) don’t hold up submitting what details you do have – keep things moving, it may mean less delays.
  4. Forecast your glass: Current supply lines mean you need to order your glass around 4 weeks prior to deliver, (and that’s for standard bottles), different bottle may take longer. The greater lead time you can provide your supplier over bottle types, colour, volumes and dates the better, then leave it to them to ensure delivery in time to meet bottling dates.
  5. Pencil in bottling dates well in advance: To ensure you meet your important sales commitments provide your bottler with as much notice as possible. Information around each wine that will help them get organised in advance includes:

i. Variety
ii. Vintage
iii. Volume (approx.)
iv. Specific label/brand
v. 6pk or 12pk
vi. Fully packaged or cleanskin

We trust this assists you in getting your wine to market in a stress free and timely matter. If you have any questions or need assistance with any aspect of your bottling and packaging, please do not hesitate to contact us. We thrive on helping our customers through a smooth bottling process.

Wishing you a successful vintage and strong sales across all of your varieties.

By Peter Walker, Business Development Manager, Portavin WA.



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