South Australia

Locations - SA3Portavin South Australia was established in October 2004 to meet the growing demand for packaging and integrated wine services in South Australia.

The proximity of the 17,000 m² site to transport infrastructure including Port Adelaide Expressway, Harbour and Rail Services provides a unique competitive advantage, allowing Portavin SA to create a South Australian first with a streamlined packaging, distribution and logistics service direct to domestic and international markets for packaged wine.

Portavin South Australia’s export focus:

Since inception, Portavin South Australia has been committed to ongoing development and expansion of export market opportunities with an increasing focus on expansion of the Asian market. We have developed strong links with key government and business networks to ensure we are able to extend the opportunity for our customer base to enhance their success in this exciting and continually expanding market.

We recognise that doing business with Asia requires a great deal of bureaucratic know-how, personal communication and an in depth understanding of the culture. Reflective of our commitment to ensuring ongoing success with this market, Portavin has employed two key China/Asia business specialists within our Client Services team who have well developed language and interpersonal skills and experience plus knowledge of the wine industry in Australia. We provide our clients with on-site, dedicated resources and services for communication and business development into Asia.

From zero Asian exports in 2006, Portavin currently bottles and exports more than 50 containers of Australian wine to mainland China every month and is now the largest exporter of Australian wine to China.

Portavin South Australia provides the following products and services:

Portavin SA is committed to ensuring the continued growth and expansion of the Australian wine market, both domestically and internationally. This is being achieved through the continual adoption of new technologies, supply chain innovation and identification of growth export markets for our clients.

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Portavin South Australia management team

Peter Cole – State Manager | South Australia

Peter initially trained as an aircraft maintenance engineer in the South African Air Force. After 18 years of service, Pete retired from aviation and joined the food packaging industry in 2002 as a Field Service Engineer with Columbit, supplying and installing beverage packaging machinery. In 2004, Peter and his wife took the opportunity to emigrate to Australia and a whole new chapter in their lives began.

Portavin was so impressed by Peter’s efforts and expertise during the installation of the bottling and packaging line at the Portavin SA site in 2004 that he was promptly offered a role as the Maintenance Manager (with the blessing of the Columbit Mgmt team) and he joined the Portavin SA team in Dec 2005 – the rest is history!

Peter has since worked as the Operations Manager taking charge of the day to day production and maintenance and is now the State Manager for Portavin SA.

William Bambacas – Technical Manager

William over sees the Laboratory, Cellar and Quality division ensuring provision of technical support and analytical services to bottling operations for wine receival, wine storage, pre, in-progress and post bottling analysis, and analytical support for cellar adjustments. The laboratory is the key player in the maintenance of OH&S standards and regulatory compliance.

William brought in excess of 14 years experience in bottling and packaging to the Portavin SA team. He worked with Southcorp Wines for 8 years in roles of Quality Assurance Manager and Packaging Manager and prior to that worked with Bickfords.

He is now an integral part of our team ensuring all quality across all technical aspects of our business are maintained.

Michelle Buzza – Customer Services Manager

Michelle has in excess of 22 years of experience in administration and management which includes six years as a small business owner in the automotive industry.  As a “hands-on” business owner, Michelle gained a wide-range of experience in all areas of business providing leadership and a high level of customer service and support to an extensive customer base.

Joining Portavin in 2014, Michelle leads our Customer Service Team.  Michelle and her team are also responsible the administration of long and short-term storage solutions and distribution services ranging from local delivery to export container loading.

Olivia Ou - Area Manager

Olivia works closely with the management team to provide market development, liaison, coordination and translation services for Asian clients.

Olivia is fluent in Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese and English and has a thorough commercial understanding of the Australian wine industry together with relevant work experience in Korea, Australia and China.

As dux of her University in Guangzhou, Olivia is an outstanding addition to our team to support our endeavors. Her skills and experience are paramount to the success of the development and expansion of Australian wine to the Asia market.

Portavin's China Specialist

Maggie Xu – Marketing Specialist (China)

In the role of Marketing Specialist for China, Maggie is responsible for market development, liaison, coordination and translation services for Chinese clients as part of Portavin SA’s wine bottling production and export operation at Portavin.

Maggie works closely with the Portavin Management team to co-ordinate the development of key strategies and campaigns to grow and expand the Chinese export market.

Her key priorities are maintenance of good customer relations with key Chinese export clients and working to fully develop the potential of these key accounts. Maggie is very busy on a daily basis facilitating meetings, conducting site tours, coordinating visits  along with providing translation services for business negotiations with Portavin Chinese export clients.