King Drive, Cape Jaffa, South Australia


January 10th 2016


$5 entry

Cape Jaffa Seafood and Wine Festival

UntitledThe Cape Jaffa Seafood and Wine Festival 2016 welcomes all visitors to the picturesque city of Kingston Council. Come with your entire family to enjoy an array of edible offerings and wine from the finest vineyards of Coonawarra.

Whilst you explore Mount Gambier and the limestone coast, stop in Kingston and check out the many scenic spots in this quaint town.

With an oceanic backdrop and picturesque surroundings, Kingston welcomes all visitors to try freshly cooked seafood in a relaxing setting. Held in January every year, this popular food festival also offers a wonderful opportunity for all visitors to enjoy an array of beach activities whilst they sample the local fare.

Explore Kingston’s picturesque locations including the beautiful beaches and the charming landscape of Mount Benson. Also, enjoy some live music with bands and acts playing throughout the festival.

The Cape Jaffa Seafood and Wine Festival is a free event for visitors of all ages. Apart from providing visitors with scrumptious food, the festival offers an authentic range of wines and live music shows exclusively for those attending the festival.

Also, explore the markets which showcase the fresh produce from the area including some local favourites such as prime BBQ beef, seafood dishes, lobster pâté and home-style crepes.

Try some authentic wine varieties from the finest wineries on Mount Benson; you will find local favourites such as Cape Jaffa Wines, Ralph Fowler, Frog Island, Norfolk Rise, Wangolina Station, Cape Thomas and Wehl’s Mount Benson.

Sip your favourite wine while grabbing a bite of a delicious seafood dish at this popular festival in Kingston. And don’t forget to explore the region’s diverse local produce at the farmer’s market across the street.

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