Here, we answer some of the most common questions we receive.
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How far in advance of my bottling do I need to have the dry goods delivered?

Ideally all dry goods for a bottling run should be present at Portavin no later than Tuesday of the week prior to the scheduled date. Bulk wine should be delivered no later than 48 hours before the scheduled date

Does Portavin have any particular specification requirements for dry goods format?

Yes. All labels must be wound specifically to suit individual labellers, see details under Wine Bottling and Packaging for your intended location.

Is there a maximum number of labels that can be applied on the one pass of the labeller?

The number of labels able to be applied in one pass is dependent upon the number of heads each labeller has, within our system that number varies between 3 and 4. See details under Wine Bottling and Packaging for your intended location.

Can you do lay down carton configurations?

Yes, but our production line is only set up to package 6 and 12 pack stand up cartons automatically, so we require extra manual labour to erect and fill lay down cartons which attracts a premium line fee.

Can Portavin bottle reverse taper bottles?

Yes, but reverse taper bottles are unstable on the conveyors and the line must be run slower, thus attracting a premium line fee. Some bottles may need to be depalletised by hand which could incur additional labour costs.

Can Portavin do rework jobs such as over-sticking, adding extra labels, de-labelling etc.?

These type of jobs generally need to be done by hand manually off-line, some locations cater for this so please contact us for more information on each sites capabilities.


What happens if my dry goods or wine are not present at Portavin at the time the job is scheduled?

You can choose to run the job as a “cleanskin” or in a plain generic carton to be reworked when the appropriate items are available, or the job rescheduled to a time suitable to Portavin’s schedule. If there is no other job available to move into the vacated time slot then Portavin reserves the right to charge for the downtime at a standard rate per hour.

Is the customer able to attend and view the bottlings?

All of our customers are encouraged to be present during their job to approve any late minute changes to label positioning, carton coding etc. Facilities are available for the customer to continue their normal working activities such as phone, internet and copying access.

What extra information can be added to the external packaging for identification?

We have the capability to both inkjet directly onto cartons and print and apply barcoded labels. Each location may vary as to the positioning of text and labels, see details for each location under Wine Bottling and Packaging.

What dry goods can Portavin supply at late notice if my dry goods are not ready?

Portavin carry a basic range of generic dry goods for customers that do not have their customised dry goods available or have insufficient volume to purchase their own requirements. These dry goods include plain cartons, bottles, plain screwcaps and capsules, dividers etc. and will be invoiced at Portavin standardised prices.

Do you have certified laboratory facilities?

Yes, our laboratories in NSW, SA, Vic and WA are NATA accredited and can offer export analysis VI1s and ongoing export approvals if required. We can also perform non standard analysis such as reducing sugars, VA’s etc using latest state of the art enzymatic analysis.

Does Portavin hold any licenses or accreditations relevant to export customers?

Yes, all sites are certified for BRC, HACCP is covered under this accreditation. South Australia and Victoria also have A Grade BRC approval for export to the UK as well as individual certification from most of the leading UK supermarket chains. View accreditations across all sites.

Does Portavin organise wine transport to their tank farm?

No, it is the responsibility of our customers to organise the movement of bulk wine to our tank farm. We can only store wine for extended periods after prior arrangement with our Technical Manager.

Got more questions?

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